Merry Edwards

Merry Edwards Winery
An Inviting Place to Sit & Sip

If you are a pinot noir fan and about to die and haven’t had the following yet, you should definitely try to get your hands on a bottle or several of pinot noirs from Merry Edwards. The fact that these exceptional wines are made by a woman winemaker (which is still a bit more rare than it should be in this day and age) is just icing on the already excellent cake.

I thought that her pinots really couldn’t be topped, until I had her sauvignon blanc. If you’re a sauvignon blanc fan, you’ll love it, and, if you’re not a white wine fan, this wine could change your mind forever.

For more info about the exceptional Merry Edwards wines and the exceptional woman who makes them, take a look at the site: 

For a visit, Merry Edwards is located at 2959 Gravenstein Highway North, in what is officially Sebastapol, but also in the magic little part of the world called Graton. And, as if the wine’s not amazing enough, her facility uses a lot of clean, green solar energy to make it run. Cheers to that!

Iron Horse

Green Valley from Iron Horse Winery
Heaven? No. Just the Green Valley, as seen from Iron Horse

The Green Valley is one of those places on this fine planet where everything is as it should be: bucolic, vibrant green vistas; good, down-to-earth people; fantastic wines. 

There is no place to better enjoy all of the above than at the Iron Horse winery in Sonoma County.

Some of the best sparkling made in America (if not the best, in my mind), along with fabulous still wines of red, white, and rose varieties to please every palate. In fact, Iron Horse made a sparkling wine that may have helped end the Cold War (Russian Cuvee), so it’s definitely a must-stop if you’re up in the Wine Country.

Though Iron Horse has played a role in history and on many a White House table, the winery stays true to its roots. The tasting room is outdoors, overlooking the blissful, Shire-like Green Valley. The tasting table embodies rustic charm at its best: simple planks on barrels. The wine’s the real star.

The staff at Iron Horse shine just as brightly, however. The people who take you through the tasting and share their knowledge with you are some of the friendliest, warmest folks you’ll ever meet.  They’re serious about wine while still having fun with it and all that wine culture entails.

Iron Horse’s harvest party is exceptional, and other events are always amazing– with great food and wine pairings and fun people. (If you live in San Francisco, become a member immediately if you ever enjoy a visit to the Wine Country.)

They do a lot of things year-round, so be sure to check out their Web site before you go to see if you can time your visit with one of their events. Or, just go when it’s only you and a few other wine-lovers, soaking up some sun while drinking sparkling and taking in the truly green Green Valley. Call first if you’d like a tour.

For info, including driving directions: Iron Horse is physically located at 9786 Ross Station Rd. (Postal address is Sebastapol, but it’s just a stone’s throw from the delights of Graton.)