Breweventures’ Manifesto

Breweventures - Here Is the Place
Breweventures - Here Is the Place

No, these travel tips are not all about beer, though some are.

My last name is Brewe, an Ellis Island distortion of “bru,” short for “bridge” in Norwegian. (Or at least that’s what my grandparents said.)

That’s what travel is– a bridge. To other people. To other times. To other experiences.

Hopefully, when you get to the other side of the bridge, you get where you want to go. Or not. But maybe that’s even better.

In the interest of full disclosure and “manifesto”ishness, I like seeing stuff. Even cheesy stuff.

I also like meeting people. Real people from real places or people who have lived or visited there a long time. Preferably over a drink. Preferably when they share some of their favorite places with me.

If you’re one of those travelers who want to check off a list of things to see that can be found in some mass-produced guidebook,  then please leave now. If you stay only in chain hotels, then leave now too. If you stay only in hostels, as more expensive places “aren’t worth it,” then really leave now.

What I aim to showcase is stuff for the history lover. The art lover. The booze lover. Above all else, the experience lover. If you ain’t into all that, then these tips just aren’t for you, though I wish you good travels nonetheless.

However, if you are into all that, then “here is the place” (as depicted in hobo code above) where I hope you’ll find a few interesting things to do/see/taste/drink/try.

Pleasant journeys to all travelers.

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